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Discussion on dangers of Sport Specialization:

FHSAA Concussion Action Plan: click here (PDF)
Power Point: Concussions and the return to play: click here
Letter to health care providers: click here (PDF)
A parent's guide to concussions: click here (PDF)
Guidelines for concussion management: click here (PDF)
Return to play tutorial: click here (Video)

  • Information for Administrators: click here (PPT, 2.6 M)
  • Information for Coaches and Officials: click here (PPT, 2.8 M)
  • Information for Parents: click here (PDF, 215 K)
  • Risk Minimization Rules: click here (PDF, 215 K)
  • National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment release: click here (PDF, 656 K)
  • Video on Chris Nowinski and the Sports Legacy Institute: click here
NFHS Sports Medicine Committee
GSSI "Performance Playbook" handouts available

Gatorade Sports Science Institute has provided the following informational items with regard to current issues in sports medicine:

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