By the Numbers

The FHSAA sponsors 3,396 championship series games through which 139 teams and 294 individuals are crowned state champions in 32 sports each year. Over 2,000 student-athletes each year experience winning a championship. Through participation in these athletic programs, over 800,000 students annually are extended opportunities to receive lessons in leadership, sportsmanship and citizenship.

The FHSAA serves well over 260,000 Athletes within the 32 hosted sports.  Please see below a breakdown of the number of athletes competing within each State Series Finals event.

Over the course of 32 Finals events, the FHSAA is proud to present over 5,000 awards to our student-athletes.  Please find below the breakdown of awards.

Within the 32 hosted sports, there are over 6,000 teams represented by the over 700 member high schools. Below are charts that represent the number of teams by gender and sport.