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Due Process Procedures

Each FHSAA Member School must adhere to the FHSAA Bylaws and Policies outlined in the FHSAA Handbook.

An FHSAA Representative from the member school has the authority to deem a student eligible or ineligible per FHSAA Bylaws and Policies.  [1] If the FHSAA Representative is unsure of the student’s eligibility status, they may submit an EL10 – Request for Eligibility Ruling.  Once the EL10 is received by the FHSAA Offices, a ruling is made within ten (10) business days.

[2] If a student is ruled ineligible per FHSAA Bylaws and/or Policies, the member school may submit an EL11 – Request for Sectional Appeals Committee Hearing.  This form is submitted by the FHSAA Representative along with other mandatory documents.  Once the EL11 and all mandatory documents are received, the case will be placed on the Sectional Appeals Agenda.

Sectional Appeals are held once a month, August through April, in each of the four (4) Administrative Sections.  Each case is allotted a twenty (20) minute time slot and a decision is rendered at the end of the twenty (20) minutes.

[3] If the request is denied by the Sectional Appeals Committee, the school may do one of the following:  (a) Return to Sectional Appeals the following month with NEW information, (b) Request Mediation, or (c) Submit a Notification of Intent to Appeal before the Board of Directors.

[4] If a school chooses to go through the Mediation Process and is unable to agree on terms, the school may submit a notification of intent to appeal before the Board of Directors.

Once a case goes before the Board of Directors, the decision is final.