Finance & Accounting

The FHSAA is a 501c(3) Non-Profit corporation generating funds primarily from events and corporate partnerships in order to promote and direct interscholastic athletics of its member schools and to improve opportunities for all Florida high school students, while protecting their interests.

The FHSAA organizes and promotes a post season State Championship Series in 32 sports, which provide more than $5.6 million per year directly to the member schools to help fund high school athletics in the State of Florida. 

In addition, we provide over $130,000 each year for recognition programs including Academic All-State (student-athletes’ college scholarship program), good sportsmanship awards, and the Florida High School Athletic Hall of Fame awards, honoring outstanding coaches, athletic directors, officials and athletes that exemplify the best in high school athletics. 

The primary source of funding for the FHSAA is derived from the FHSAA State Championship Series, followed by corporate partnerships and fees for services (such as certification and training of game officials).  Last year the FHSAA derived 4% of its funding from membership dues and fees and 3% of funding is from regulatory fines.  Membership dues are a flat fee of $25 per high school and $10 per middle school. The FHSAA does not receive revenue from member schools regular season games, nor does it receive any direct tax funding, state revenue or federal funding. 

Did You Know?

  • FHSAA has operated as a Private Corporation since 1920 and was designated a Florida Non-Profit Corporation in 1952
  • FHSAA receives ZERO tax dollars, and does not receive State or Federal funding
  • 86% of FHSAA funding comes from championship series events, corporate partnerships and service fees for training programs
  • 3% of FHSAA funding comes from fines pertaining to athletic eligibility and compliance.
  • All member schools are required to use non-public funds to pay FHSAA dues, fees and fines
  • Public schools rely heavily on activity funds from ticket sales, fund raisers and donations to fund athletics
  • 88% of FHSAA expenses are for sport event management, officials, training, publications, recognition and general administration
  • 12% of FHSAA expenses are for compliance and eligibility


Brandi Waters
Associate Executive Director for Financial Services
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Doris Mahoney
Assistant Director of Finance/Payroll Officer
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Matthew Baranyk
Assistant Director of Finance
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