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Loss Funding for State Series Hosts

Qualifying Events

Loss funding up to $350 may be claimed for a State Series event hosting loss in the sports of Baseball, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Football, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Softball and Girls Volleyball.  The host will automatically earn the loss funds (provided the requirements below are met) by filing the FN2 or FB5 financial report. 

The requirements for the refund are as follows:

  1. State Series Pass gate log completed
  2. Full ticket price charged (waivers to reduce price automatically disqualify loss funding).
  3. Numbered tickets or armbands used and recorded on the financial report.
  4. Report filed timely (within 30 days).
  5. Correct financial report form must be used.

Loss refunds are not given for incomplete reporting

Loss refunds on qualifying district and regional events will not be paid if pass log-in sheets are incomplete.  All information on the pass log-in must be completed by those entering with a state series pass.  The information includes printed name, position with the school, type of pass, pass number and signature.  The pass log-in must be attached to the financial report when it is filed in order to receive the refund.