State Series Ticket & Pass Procedures

Ticket Procedures

The adoption and enforcement of these procedures will result in increased revenue for the school and the FHSAA and accountability for the collected funds. Strict adherence to these procedures reduces possible fraudulent practices such as the passing of tickets to friends and others, the resale of the tickets, the pocketing of funds by the ticket seller, etc. Ticket sellers and takers should be screened and only the most reliable, competent persons given this responsibility.

Ticket sellers should be provided with information regarding the proper price for the event. Children age 3 and younger may be admitted without charge, otherwise, FHSAA has not approved a reduced student or child ticket price for these events. All seats are the same price.

Numbered Tickets or arm bands are required for all District and Regional events. They can be purchased at most office supply stores. If the event is for more than one day, or time period, different colored tickets or arm bands should be used at the different times so that stubs cannot be used to enter a later event. Ticket takers should be instructed as to the color for the event and instructed not to accept a different color ticket. The number of the tickets should be recorded when given to the ticket seller. At the end of the event the number of tickets given minus the ones still remaining equals the # of tickets sold.

The number of tickets sold times the admission price should total to the cash taken in from the event. A reconciliation should be conducted at the finish of each event or shift to ensure that the funds were properly handled and that no funds are missing for the number of tickets sold.

Ticket Takers should take the ticket and tear it in half and give one half to the person entering the event and keep the other half. The half that is retained by the school should be kept secure and remain with the documentation from the event. This ensures that the tickets cannot be resold or used by another person for entrance. If arm bands are used in lieu of tickets, they should be applied to the wrist by the ticket seller and admission should only be allowed to persons wearing an arm band.

*** No one should enter these events without their half of the torn ticket from the ticket taker or an arm band worn on their arm. ***

No one should be allowed to leave the event and re-enter with a ticket stub, but re-entry may be allowed at the discretion of the host if using wrist bands. If using tickets, colored wrist bands may be purchased to be used for this purpose. If someone needs to leave and come back, upon presentation of their ticket stub, they can be issued a wrist band or have their hand stamped and then be allowed to re-enter with the band or the stamped hand. This cuts down on the passing of ticket stubs to others for entrance to the event.

Pass Gate – Free Entry

Per Administrative Procedure 3.11 of the FHSAA Handbook, only the following may be admitted to a state series event free of charge:

  1. Student-athletes who are members of the team, coaches, managers, team bus drivers, etc.
  2. Cheerleaders in uniform, their sponsors and their bus drivers.
  3. In football only, band members, and drill-team members, their chaperones and their bus drivers.
  4. Working news media with appropriate identification.
  5. Broadcast crews from radio and television outlets whose broadcasts have been approved by the FHSAA upon payment of the appropriate broadcast rights fees.
  6. Visiting school administrators (i.e., principal, FHSAA representative, assistant principals and athletic directors) who are required by their principal to attend the event for supervisory purposes upon presentation of a photo ID, provided the visiting school submits their names to the event manager by fax, writing on school stationary, not less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled starting of the event.
  7. Uniformed police or security.
  8. Individuals holding FHSAA Lifetime State Series Passes or FHSAA State Series Passes issued by the Executive Director.
  9. Authorized individuals with FHSAA State Series Passes upon presentation of a photo ID.

State Series Passes:

FHSAA State Series Passes, FHSAA Lifetime Passes, and legitimate news media identification cards ONLY should be honored at State Series events (district, regional, FHSAA Finals).

FHSAA Coaches ID Cards, FACA ID Cards and Contest Officials ID Cards are good ONLY for regular season competition at the discretion of the host.

If a pass is presented for entrance to a state series event, a second form of identification is required. The State Series Contest Pass Gate Sign-In Form Form A10 – should be used to record persons using these passes for entrance to the event. The person using the pass should sign the form and their driver’s license verified. The same pass number should not be used more than once during an event.