Representative Assembly

Composition and Purpose

The FHSAA Representative Assembly meets annually to consider and act on proposals to amend the Association's Bylaws. It currently is comprised of 67 delegates – 32 public high school delegates elected from 32 legislative divisions, 16 private high school delegates elected respectively from every two legislative divisions combined, four middle school delegates elected from each administrative section, one district school superintendent from each section, one district school board member from each section, two home education representatives, one charter schools representative from each section, and the Commissioner of Education or his designee. The Representative Assembly must act only upon those proposals submitted by member schools, the Board of Directors, the Commissioner, or any one of the Association's advisory committees. The Representative Assembly, acting as a whole, cannot develop its own proposal for consideration. A two-thirds majority vote of the Representative Assembly is required to adopt any proposed amendment.

2019-20 Representative Assembly • Oct. 21, 2019

Representative Assembly Meeting Archive


Scott Jamison
Director of Eligibility and Compliance
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