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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

"We work to represent the best interests of all student-athletes by presenting their concerns to the FHSAA, thereby developing initiatives for future improvement.  Our goal is to promote the advancement of sportsmanship and integrity by fostering an ethical, safe, competitive environment on and off the field."

Meet the members of the 2020-21 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee: click here


As per Policy 19.6.1 in the FHSAA Handbook: There will be a Student-Athlete Advisory Committee to provide a voice in the FHSAA governance structure to the Association’s largest constituency – the more than 240,000 participating student-athletes. The committee will focus on the following areas: current issues facing student-athletes, input regarding rules and regulations, input on FHSAA special initiatives (e.g., sportsmanship program), and promoting a positive image of the student-athlete.

Nomination Process

On May 1, 2020, the FHSAA will extend the opportunity for student-athletes in member schools to participate as part of the FHSAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.  Nomination forms will be sent to member school athletic directors via e-mail and made available on this webpage.  The purpose of the committee will be to provide a voice for student-athletes within the FHSAA governance structure, in the following areas:
            •    Current issues facing student-athletes
            •    Input regarding rules and regulations
            •    Input on FHSAA special initiatives (e.g., sportsmanship campaign)
            •    Promotion of a positive image of the student-athlete.
The 16-member statewide committee will meet once or twice annually at the Robert W. Hughes FHSAA Building in Gainesville.  A student’s participation would involve a trip to the meeting, accompanied by a chaperone.

Students interested in applying to the committee are encouraged to attend the 2019 Florida Student-Athlete Leadership Seminar on July 16 at West Port High School in Ocala, Florida.  Applications are available here.  Deadline to apply for the leadership seminar is June 3, 2019.

For a SAAC nomination form, click here


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