Sectional Appeals Committee

Composition and Purpose

The FHSAA sectional appeals committees are impartial judges of the FHSAA’s due process system. Each section is composed of seven (7) individuals who render decisions on undue hardship eligibility cases, which are filed by member schools on behalf of student-athletes, and other requests for waivers of rules or appeals of decisions by the Executive Director filed by member schools themselves. Each sectional appeals committee will consist of two elected public schools representatives, one elected non-public schools representative, one elected member representing public school districts, one elected non-public school accrediting association representative, one elected at-large member from an under-represented gender and/or race appointed by the Board of Directors, and one attorney living within the section. A term of service for a committee member is three school years. A committee member may be reelected to a second three-year term, but cannot serve amore than a maximum of six (6) consecutive school years.

Meetings of the Sectional Appeals Committee

Each Sectional Appeals Committee will meet monthly from August-April totaling in nine (9) meetings throughout the school year. These nine (9) meetings must be held during the first 15 days of each month. These meetings will occur in four different locations depending on the section which are as follows:

  • Section 1: Lively Techincial Center, Tallahassee
  • Section 2: Trinity Catholic High School, Ocala
  • Section 3: Manatee School District Office, Bradenton
  • Section 4: St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Fort Lauderdale

Agendas are created for each sectional appeal and are finished generally two weeks in advance. Official minutes are posted online as they become available.

Authority and Duties of the Sectional Appeals Committee

Bylaw 4.5.2 establishes the authority and duties of the Sectional Appeals Committee, which are as follows:

  1. Decide requests by schools seeking exceptions to bylaws and regulations of the Association;
  2. Decide undue hardship eligibility cases that are filed by schools on behalf of students; and
  3. Decide appeals of decision rendered by the Executive Director that are filed by member schools. The Sectional Appeals Committee can only sustain or overturn the decision, but cannot modify the decision.


Craig Damon
Associate Executive Director for Eligibility and Compliance Services
(352) 372-9551 x240

Jordanne Stark
Director of Eligibility and Compliance
(352) 372-9551 x230

Scott Jamison
Director of Eligibility and Compliance
(352) 372-9551 x380