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FAQ - Member Middle Schools

FYI: Middle School Football Participation

Spring Football Practice

A. Spring Football practice is a continuation of the regular fall football season.

B. Spring practice is confined to a maximum of 20 sessions commencing with the Monday of Week 44 or the last 20 days of the school year.

C. Current Fifth and eighth grade students may not participate in spring football practice.

D. Only those students who are enrolled and in attendance in a school may participate in spring football practice at that school.

E. Each student must have a current physical (EL02) and Consent and Release from Liability (EL03) on file to participate.

F. Guideline 18/ Handbook POLICY 41 HEAT ACCLIMATIZATION must be followed:

Handbook Policy 41.4.7 Football only (including spring): Due to the protective equipment required in football, these additional procedures apply: the first two (2) days of practice are restricted to helmets only, days 3-5 can introduce shoulder-pads with shorts and then beginning day six (6) of practice, full gear can be utilized and body-to-body contact is permitted. Student-athletes who begin practice with a team after the start of official practice will be required to follow this same 6 day procedure. During the initial five (5) days, the use of arm shields, tackling and blocking dummies, sleds and other devices can be used for instructional purposes, however, deliberate body-to-body contact is prohibited.



Q: Can my athlete participate in both the Middle school and Varsity/Sub Varsity Seasons?


Policy: 6.1.3 Individual Limitations. An individual student shall not exceed the established contest limitations, as listed in Policy 6.1.2 (except for football), during any school year, regardless of whether the student transfers attendance to a different school, moves back and/or forth between varsity and sub-varsity levels or competes at the high school or middle/junior high school level. An individual student cannot participate as a member of varsity and sub-varsity teams on same day.


Interpretation: To assist you in interpreting the above policy; the following statement should be used for clarification:  No athlete shall participate in more than one season in each sport.  Once an athlete participates in a sport on any level, that athlete may not continue to participate in the same sport unless the seasons run simultaneously and they have not met their maximum number of contest.