Baseball Frequently Asked Questions

FHSAA Officials Online Evaluation Program

In an effort to discover excellence, stimulate improvement, give officials accurate data for reflection and ascertain weaknesses; the FHSAA has created its first online officials evaluation program.  Please take the time after each of your varsity contest to fill out the evaluation survey.  If there’s room for improvement for the crew, we request that you state the situation(s).  The FHSAA aims to use this program to not only give measures to our officials for improvement, but to inform our officials when they are doing a great job.  If the tool is successful, the FHSAA plans to use it as an additional tool for future post season assignments.  Please CLICK HERE for the evaluation link.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Jeremy Hernandez at jhernandez [at] fhsaa [dot] org.

2018 NFHS baseball rules presentation: click here (PDF)

Additional NFHS baseball rulesclick here (PPTX)

What bats are FHSAA approved? click here

Which non-wood bats have been decertified? click here (PDF)

How many games can my athletes participate in?
There is no weekly limit to how many contests a team or athlete can play. There is, however, a season limit:

  • Team limit – 25 games per season
  • Individual limit – 25 games per season (this includes any junior varsity games) **Please note that an individual cannot dress out for a junior varsity game and varsity game on the same day**

Where can I find a list of legal bats?

Is there a list for the decertified bats?
Unfortunately, there is not a list for the bats that have been decertified. However, if the bat is not listed on the Washington State University page (see previous question), then it is not legal.

Can my bat be made of wood and not be BBCOR certified?
Yes, as long as it is made out of one single piece of wood.

Can my players wear compression sleeves?
Yes. A pitcher is allowed to wear one on either arm in any color to the elbow. Anything below the elbow can’t be white or gray, and anything distracting below the elbow is illegal. Field players can wear compression sleeves on one or both arms.

Where can I find a list of schools in my district?

Where can I find the coaches manual?

Who is on the Baseball Advisory Committee?

Where can I find a list of sanctioned events for baseball?